2 Alternatives To Light-Up Signs For Your Shop

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2 Alternatives To Light-Up Signs For Your Shop

16 September 2022
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While light-up signs that come with LED light bulbs or neon lights are great for shop owners who want highly-visible signage, they're not suitable for every retail setting. For example, some shop owners might not want to waste electricity on light-up signs or have to worry about replacing their batteries regularly. If this is the case for you and your shop, here are some alternatives to light-up signs that you might want to consider using.

Signs that feature glittery or holographic design elements

One excellent alternative to light-up signs is signage that has glittery or holographic design elements (such as glittery lettering or a backing material made of a holographic card). Both glitter and holographic materials are highly reflective and will give the illusion that they are moving slightly as a person looks at them while walking by them. This, in turn, can catch a person's eye and lead to them reading one of these signs more closely, in the way that they might also be inclined to if they noticed a bright light-up sign in the corner of their eye. In a shop environment where signs are used not only to give directions but also to tell customers about special offers and sales, this characteristic could be particularly useful.

Whilst glittery or holographic signs cannot be seen as clearly in low light as signage that has its own bulbs or neon lights, a sign like this could still be eye-catching in dim lighting conditions — for instance, if it was placed in your shop's window where the exterior street lights would shine on it and accentuate its reflectivity. As such, if you want your shop's window signs to be noticed in the evenings when your shop is closed without having to use electricity overnight to keep the signs lit, this type of signage could be a good investment.

Signs made from photoluminescent materials  

Another option is signage made from photoluminescent materials; this is informally referred to as 'glow-in-the-dark' signage. While many commercial property owners only use photoluminescent signage for safety purposes (to highlight fire exits, for example), signs made of this material can also be a good alternative to light-up signs that require batteries or an electricity source. These signs are just as easy to read in dark conditions as their light-up counterparts. 

It's important to note that these signs are more noticeable in dimly lit areas than they are in bright lighting conditions, due to the glow they have in these shadowy conditions. Given this, if you get a photoluminescent sign for your shop and want it to be eye-catching not only in the evenings but also during the day, you might need to place it in a shadowy area of your premises, as the dark surroundings will emphasise its glowing quality and thus make it noticeable.