Traits of Car Wraps That Make Them Better Suited to Your Vehicle Than Custom Paint

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Traits of Car Wraps That Make Them Better Suited to Your Vehicle Than Custom Paint

28 April 2021
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You could be deliberating on changing the exterior of your car for a multitude of reasons. Maybe you have recently launched a new business and would like to use your vehicle to promote this brand. Or maybe exposure to conditions such as hail and UV rays have degraded the paint on your car and you are looking to upgrade its appearance. Whatever the case, your first instinct is likely to invest in a new paint job. Although this has been the traditional way to upgrade auto bodies, it should be noted that over the years, car wraps have steadily garnered popularity among commercial and personal cars and this is not coincidental. Car wraps are much more economical to invest in than a custom paint job that could end up being thousands of dollars. But this is not the only advantage that they offer. Check out the following traits of car wraps that make them better suited to your vehicle than custom paint.


Car wraps are manufactured from vinyl supplies. And one thing that vinyl is renowned for is its longevity. This material is invulnerable to UV exposure so you do not have to worry about premature fading that would warrant the replacement of your car wrap. In addition to this, the vinyl is also resistant to cosmetic damage in the form of chips and scratches. Not only will it maintain its flawless appearance but the car wrap will also work to keep the body of your vehicle protected from these imperfections. These are characteristics that a custom paint job cannot provide so even after spending an exorbitant amount of money, you will end up repainting your car down the road.

Easy upkeep

You may think that for a car wrap to provide you with durability, it will require hands-on maintenance to keep the vinyl in good condition but this is incorrect. The great thing about car wraps is that they require the least amount of upkeep and this is usually in the form of occasional washing and wiping it down. As long as the surface of the vinyl is not broken, the car wrap can last you for several years. Custom paint jobs, conversely, demand consistent waxing if the body of your car is to maintain its lustre. Moreover, if the paint acquires scratches, you have to precisely match the colour of the custom job or you will end up with a ghastly finish.

Other traits of car wraps that make them an ideal choice for your vehicle when compared to custom paint is a quick turnaround time to ensure you get your car back in a short while and enhanced flexibility in terms of sizes, colours, shapes and graphics.