Practical Tips To Getting The Design Of Your Vehicle Signs Right The First Time Around

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Practical Tips To Getting The Design Of Your Vehicle Signs Right The First Time Around

14 July 2020
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Vehicle signage is one of the most effective advertising solutions that any business can invest in since cars are constantly on the move. Whether you have physical premises or are looking to increase brand awareness of your online business, any commercial vehicles you own can be branded with the information you want to convey and potentially reach a considerable percentage of your target audience.

Nonetheless, simply because you have converted your commercial fleet into an advertising medium does not automatically mean that you will be attracting the customers you are looking for. The designing of these car wraps is a vital step to ensuring that you are making a worthwhile investment. To help you avoid costly mistakes, here are two practical tips to getting the design of your vehicle signs right the first time around.

The fewer the graphics, the greater the impact

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when contracting the design of vehicle wraps for the first time is overloading the signage with graphics under the impression that this will make it attention-grabbing. Granted, pedestrians and motorists alike will notice your commercial vehicle, but this does not mean that they will comprehend the information that it is advertising.

As a rule of thumb, you should remember that your vehicle signage should never look close to the graphics on those on a racecar, as unlike racecars, you are not displaying sponsorships. Keeping the graphics on the vehicle wrap minimal makes the information advertised easy to digest, even while the car is moving in traffic. Hence, determine the most important information you want to advertise, such as an address, contact info, social media handles and so on, and stick to a few graphics that will make your message pop.

Three-dimensional vehicles need 3D solutions

Another mistake commonly made by individuals that are investing in vehicle sings for the first time is focusing on the sides of their cars and overlooking the front and rear. While most pedestrians will view either the right or left side of your car, you are effectively excluding motorists in your marketing campaign.

Bearing in mind cars on the road will be ahead or behind your branded vehicle, you should make the most of the vehicle wraps by including on bumpers, bonnets and so on. Professional signage contractors can customise the design of your vehicle signs to do just that and include essential info on these areas to ensure that whichever angle people view the branded car, they will see and understand your message.