Concise Outline Of What You Need To Know About Car Wraps

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Concise Outline Of What You Need To Know About Car Wraps

3 January 2020
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Signage is a critical investment for any business that wants to promote the awareness of their brand. But while you have a vast range of readily available options that you can make the most of, they all tend to be stationary. Thus, you would need your target demographic to walk or drive past your signage for them to notice your brand. If you want to be proactive about sending out your messaging to your audience, then you should consider investing in car wraps. This type of signage can be applied to all types of vehicles, ranging from saloon cars to trucks! If you have questions in mind about this type of signage, below is a concise outline of what you need to know about car wraps.

What are the advantages of choosing car wraps?

One of the biggest benefits you are set to reap from car wraps is the increased reach for your business. Having the flexibility to make the most of rush hour and frequently used routes goes a long way in having as many eyeballs as possible on your advertisements, product information and so on. The second benefit of car wraps is that they are highly durable, so you should not expect to have them replaced prematurely, even when constantly exposed to sunlight. Hence, you are guaranteed a high return on investment, as you are increasing your sales by expanding your customer base without having to purchase new car wraps continually. Lastly, car wraps are highly customisable. Thus, you can ensure your signage is as unique as you want it to be.

Which materials are utilised for the manufacture of car wraps?

Some people tend to confuse car wraps with a paint job since the sleek surface of the signage appears to be a seamless addition to the vehicle. However, crap wraps are manufactured from vinyl. The sheets are then customised by a graphic designer to include anything you want to send your message to the public, whether imagery, logos, text and so on. Once the sheets are applied onto the surface of your vehicle, they are laminated to create a glossy finish. The laminate not only makes the car wrap look like auto body paint, but it also protects the wraps from fading by blocking UV rays.

How are car wraps maintained?                                                       

Similar to how the paint job of your vehicle can acquire grime, so will the car wrap. Leaving the contaminants on the wrap increase the risk of premature degradation, so it is essential to hose the car down regularly. Take note, you should never scrub the car wrap, as this could damage the vinyl. If you come across stubborn dirt, it is best to have it cleaned professionally.