5 Points to Consider When Choosing Signage for Your Windows

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5 Points to Consider When Choosing Signage for Your Windows

16 October 2017
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Your storefront windows can be an efficient place to display signage. To optimise the potential of your window signage, there are several tips you may want to keep in mind. Check out the following ideas.

1. Check for Glare

If you plan to display the signage on the inside of the window, make sure that it is not blocked by glare. Take some paper, write messages on it, and temporarily post it in your windows. Then, go outside and see how visible it is.

Remember to check the windows from multiple angles to see how the glare affects your message. If the glare is too strong, you may need to add an anti-glare coating to your windows to make the signs effective.

2. Decide How You Are Going to Hang Banners

Banners can be a great option for window signage. However, you need to think about how you are going to hang them. Are you going to buy banners with grommets along the side? Then, are you going to use chains suspended from the walls or suction cups with hooks?

In both cases, you need to think about the aesthetic effect, and if you opt for suction cups with hooks, you need to ensure you get ones that are large enough to hold your banner.

3. Consider Window Decals

In lieu of banners, you may want to consider decals. Decals can come in almost any design, and they stick right to your window. You can put decals outside if you are dealing with glare, but that opens them up to the possibility of theft. Additionally, this only works if you have an awning over your windows or a roof ledge that prevents water from running down the windows.

4. Think About Scale

Whether you opt for decals, banners or some other type of window signage, you need to think about scale. In most cases, you will design the signage on a relatively small scale. Then, when the sign maker prints your message, it will become larger.

Unfortunately, every word or image does not scale well to larger signs. Keep this in mind when you create your design. Ask the sign maker if they can give you an idea of how it all looks blown up.

5. Make Sure Signage Doesn't Block Sunlight

Finally, think about the impact the sign has on the sunlight that comes through your window. If possible, you may want to take some cardboard in the same size of the banner you are getting. Then, make sure you still get enough light into your establishment.