Investing In Outdoor Signage? Consider Neon Signs

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Investing In Outdoor Signage? Consider Neon Signs

15 September 2016
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There is an undeniable attraction that people have to neon signs. Be it the eerie glow they emanate in utter darkness or perhaps the brightness of their colours, one thing you can be assured of is they always stand out. Although typically associated with nocturnal business, it should be noted that neon signs are not exclusive to any particular type of industry. As such, they make a viable advertising option for any business premises that is looking for outdoor signage. Here are some of the different benefits of neon signs if you are contemplating investing in outdoor signage for your business.

Neon signs assure the visibility of your signage

Visibility is one of the main characteristics that make neon signs so popular. It does not matter what time of day or night, the neon will make your signage stand out, making it easier to spot by both pedestrians as well as motorist. In years past, the colouring of the neon signs was limited. However, with advances in technology, the phosphor coating used in modern neon signs comes in a wide array of colours and hues. Therefore, you would not be limited when it comes to making your sign as colourful as you would want it to be.

Neon signs come in an infinite number of designs

If you are seeking unique signage, then neon signs would be an ideal option to consider. This type of signage is extremely versatile when it comes to the designs and shapes that you would want the sign to be made in. The glass benders that manufacture these signs can bring virtually any type of shape into life. Therefore, whether you would like your sign in the form of wording, in imagery or a mixture of both, you can rest assured you will get a sign to fit the bill.

Neon signs are energy efficient

When running a business, one of your foremost concerns would be operational costs. As such, you would be hard-pressed to find a business owner who is comfortable with keeping signage lit all day and night consuming electricity. If you are looking to keep your utility costs low but do not want to compromise on advertising your business at all hours of the day or night, then neon signs would be the energy-efficient option. These signs use LED bulbs, which consume a fraction of energy that incandescent bulbs use. This also make them an economical option in the long term.