Choose a Corporate Sign That Will Make Your Office Lobby Shine

Struggling to establish strong branding for your business? Take a look at this blog and get valuable tips for choosing signs for your business.

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Choose a Corporate Sign That Will Make Your Office Lobby Shine

29 August 2016
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Your office lobby is seen by everyone who comes to visit your business, from cleaners to CEOs, so it's important to make a good first impression. A well-designed corporate sign in your lobby can have a big impact, helping to strengthen your brand identity and show visitors what you're all about. It's a way to instantly communicate your company's values without saying a word.

But what should your sign look like? With an almost endless choice of materials, colors, styles and designs, it can be hard to pick the right sign for your needs. Read on to find out about different types of signs, and how they could work for you.

Panel Signs

For smaller lobbies, panel signs are a popular option. Mounting your sign on a panel helps it to stand out without looking overbearing. It also allows you to work with any colours you like, without having to worry about matching the tone of the wall behind. If you have a white logo and a light colored wall, then a dark panel is an excellent display option.

You can choose a glass or metal panel for a modern look, or use wood for a more traditional, rustic feel. Panel signs are easy to remove from the wall and relocate, so they are perfect if you're planning an office move in the near future.

Cut Out Signs

These are a really versatile option, as they can be adjusted in size according to your needs. Cut from acrylic, metal or wood, these signs have a high quality finish and will make the room look really special. Your logo can be cut out, section by section, and attached to the wall in parts. You can create a 3-dimensional look by layering the different sections of the logo. This incorporates the familiarity of your brand image with something a bit special that will stick in the minds of your visitors.

Backlit Signs

If you want to add a real pop of excitement to your lobby, consider a backlit sign. Usually white in color, bright LED lighting will make your business name or logo really stand out. This is great for adding interest to simpler designs without overcomplicating things.

Backlit signs are a great option if your lobby is visible from the street. The sign can be left on overnight, serving as an eye-catching advertisement for your business, even when you're not open. Edge-lit glass signs are a subtler option if you don't want your whole logo lit up but still want to incorporate lighting.