Two tips to follow when deciding where to place your clothes shop's signs

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Two tips to follow when deciding where to place your clothes shop's signs

12 August 2021
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If you're not sure where in your shop you should place the retail signs you've purchased for your clothes shop, here are some tips to follow.

Place sales signs near mannequins dressed in garments that are on sale

If, like most owners of clothes shops, you run sales quite regularly, you will need to decide where to place the signs that you'll use to advertise these sales. When deciding where to put these signs in the shop, you should consider putting some of them near the mannequins that you have dressed in garments that are currently on sale. You should also ensure that these outfits look as stylish and eye-catching as possible and are not half-finished. For example, you should ensure that you accessorise each mannequin with jewellery, hats and sunglasses so that it is fully dressed.

The reason for this is that a sale sign is not always enough to entice a customer to head over to the sales rails, particularly if those rails contain a huge range of clothes that might be overwhelming to rummage through. As such, you need to put these signs beside mannequins that are dressed in a way that showcases the quality and stylishness of the sales items that are currently available. The combination of the dressed mannequin and the sales sign beside it indicates that their outfit, and other ones like it, are available at a greatly reduced price. This should give your customers the encouragement they need to explore the sales rails.

Put signs with directions to the changing rooms close to the payment counter

In addition to putting a 'changing rooms' sign directly above or beside the entrance to your shop's changing rooms, you should also put one of these signs close to the payment counter. It's particularly important to do this if your clothes shop is large.

The reason for this is that people who have picked up some garments they want to try on and who are not near the changing rooms might not spot the sign for this space that is directly above or beside its entrance. If this happens and they cannot find any staff on the shop floor to help them, they may approach the payment counter to ask the staff who are there for help. This could result in them creating a long queue or interrupting other customers who are trying to pay for their items. By putting up a sign in this area that will direct customers to the changing rooms, you can ensure that they get this information without causing issues at the payment counter.